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Improving the Interpersonal Soft Skill Medical Study Program

At 9am wib Prof. Zairin arrived at Siring Banjarmasin. Then all the participants of the event gathered for a photo together. After finished taking a live event lead by MC who has been prepared to guide the event. The show itself is filled by mini games by creative team.


The enthusiasm of the participants is so high, especially with the huge amount of prizes. Compactness is very in the test of the mini games that are prepared. Not feel day more day, the event was continued by boarding the boat along the river Martapura. Combing the river ends at a restaurant on the river bank.


All participants stopped for lunch. After finished meal proceed to siring location by boarding the boat back. After getting there the proceedings continued by dividing the winning prize from the previous mini games. Kecerian so seen on the face of the winner who received the prize. For the team that has not won there is a prize of entertainment.
At the end of the show mini game guide to comment

From the activity we had when playing mini games contained a message how we should interact with each other to build a goal that we can achieve from what we want. Just 1 person on the team who is not in line then the common goal will be constrained.